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Kissimmee Hotels

Going to Disney World and looking for a place to stay? You need to check out our deals on Kissimmee hotels. Since part of Disney World is located in Kissimmee, Florida and since the this was the first area built nearly 40 years ago when Disney came to town, this is where most of the name brand hotels around Disney World are located. In addition to having a number of hotel rooms, Kissimmee also has quite a few really nice restaurants, shopping venues, and a multi lane highway leading into and out of Disney World. 

Please note, you need to be weary when booking a hotel located in Kissimmee. Since many of these hotel properties were built nearly 30 to 40 years ago, while some have been kept up to date and most of them have recently been renovated, there are a few which are completely run down. In order to protect yourself when booking a Kissimmee hotel online look for the following:

1) Name brand hotels- you can not go wrong with Holiday Inns, Radissons and Hampton Inns

2) Look for pictures of the hotel, my mama always said a picture speaks a thousand words

3) Make sure the property is a Disney Good Neighbor hotel. This is a seal given to only the nicest hotels around Disney World.

There are many important amenities to look for when booking Kissimmee hotels but at the top of the list is shuttle service to the Disney Parks. Many hotels offer this service to their guests which will help you save money because Disney charges about $16 for parking and the shuttle service will take you exactly to where you need to go. So, why drive, if you don't have to? Another amenity is a great swimming pool. Florida sure is pretty but it gets very hot here and the humidity can make it seem worse, so make sure that there is a pool wherever you are staying. You may need to relax and cool off and there's no better way to do that than in a nice refreshing swimming pool.

Hotels in Kissimmee FL which we recommend:

Mystic Dunes Resort - The Mystic Dunes Resort offers one, two and three bedroom condo style units. While this is not really classified as a is a trememdous value. We are offering rates as low as $92 a night for the two bedroom units. The resorts offers the following amenities: golf course, 4 huge pools, water slide, bike rentals, and large clubhouse.

Holiday Inn Maingate East - If you are looking for the best value on Kissimmee hotels, then you must look at the new Holiday Inn Maingate East. This hotel has the newly popular kid suite rooms that feature a children's area that is designed just for them (this is a must if you have children). All of the rooms come with a refrigerator, microwave and dining area too. Amenities include swimming pools, a theater for kids, and a game room.


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