orlando hotel amenities


Orlando Hotel Amenities

Millions of visitors make their way to Orlando each year. The purpose of their travel is primarily for pleasure, family vacations, and spring breaks. But still over a million others journey to the Orlando area for business. Whatever the reason for their visit, these tourists are faced with an abundance of options when selecting from one of the many Orlando hotels. Where does one begin? What should be considered when choosing an Orlando hotel?

There are approximately 500 hotels in Orlando, so it's easy to see why the decision is so daunting. To make the process less stressful, begin with your purpose for traveling to the area. If pleasure or vacation is your objective, you will perhaps look for amenities and an environment that will help you relax and de-stress. This may mean resting by a pool or getting a massage. Almost every hotel in the Orlando areas has a pool. A quick check of the hotel's website can confirm that. Many, but not all hotels offer massage services as well. This type of service is less likely to be listed on a website, especially if it is a newer service offered by the hotel, so you may want to call the hotel before booking, if this is a priority for you. Massages may be offered, but they are not included in your hotel costs, so be sure to plan ahead while budgeting.

If you're traveling to the Orlando area for business purposes your needs are likely very different than someone traveling for pleasure. For example, do you need to have access to a meeting space? Is Internet access a priority? What about a hotel room that is in a quiet part of the hotel so you can work at times? You probably wouldn't be very productive rooming next door to ten high school girls on spring break. Is it important for you to be able to take meals at the hotel? Many times, business travelers' schedules are so tight that going to a separate restaurant for meals poses a real hassle. A quick check of the hotel's website can provide some of these details, but it doesn't hurt to call ahead and speak to a staff member. This is also a good way to confirm that some of the amenities that you are looking for are not under renovations or otherwise temporarily unavailable.

Next, consider the specific activities that you will do while you're in Orlando. If you plan to do some sight-seeing or catch a play, you might benefit from a concierge that specializes in area attractions and culture. Many hotels have a staff member dedicated to helping their clients with restaurant reservations, show tickets, Orlando theme park tickets, and many other events. They are often experts in the location surrounding their hotel, so they are good people to ask if you're looking for a good golf course, etc.

Another consideration is who will be accompanying you on this trip. Traveling with family? A hotel with a pool is probably a must-have. If you are traveling without children, you may want to seek out a hotel that has a private adult pool or at least ask the hotel staff about their typical clientele. Certain hotels appeal to families of small children more than others. While it may be impossible to choose your hotel neighbors, asking a few questions can give you an idea of the right "fit" for you.

One final thing to consider when evaluating a hotel's amenities, is transportation. Recently, more and more hotels are offering airport shuttle services and can even get you to and from the theme parks. When inquiring about transportation accommodations, be sure to ask about prices. Some hotels offer these services to their guests for free. Others can help you arrange your transportation, but you will be responsible for paying any related fees.

While this may seem like a lot to think about when planning your Orlando hotel stay, a little preparation can make the difference between a smooth and organized trip and a hectic one. With so many hotels to choose from in the Orlando area, you should be able to get almost everything you want in a hotel.


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