Orlando Hotel Reviews


Orlando Hotel Reviews

When you are looking for the perfect hotel in Orlando here are 4 easy tips:

1) Ask friends and family members who have been to Orlando for their recommendations. These people know you and more importantly they know your taste.

2) Read Online Reviews from forums and chat boards. Usually the bad hotels not only have one negative review they have several.

3) Look at the pictures of the hotel. There is an old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Any one can write great copy about a hotel, but study their pictures. Often times you can see if the hotel is dated or tired looking.

4) Go with a place that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a company has this type of policy, such as Orlandovacationhotels.com, then that means they stand behind their product.

When we look at investigating whether this hotel is better than that hotel, we find that the internet can be a great tool to do just that. I just did a search under Orlando Hotel Reviews with Google to see what came up.

Guess what most of the page one listings had something to do with selling hotel rooms. That is really not what you or I want to hear. What we are looking for when looking for such a service is to find an independent knowledgeable service that will give us the straight facts without profiteering off of the information provided.

Lets look at the companies that are providing such service and see what they in fact our offering us.

Trip Advisor is probably the most noted of all the hotel rating services. It is very easy to navigate. What you have are testimonials from visitors who were in the city on business or vacation. Now what always impress us are the good reviews that an expensive hotel has. Of the 346 hotels that Trip Advisor rates most all of the ones on the first page are in the luxury category….why, people who have lavish furnishings, huge rooms, get the high nightly rates, and they will normally get the good ratings.

Speaking of ratings there is one thing you need to understand. Of the people who rate hotels, they will tell you that of every 10 ratings they get in a day 6 to 7 of them are bad. Why? The answer is simple. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and your meal was not up to par or the service was atrocious? Well if it was bad there is a good possibility you said something to the manager.

On the flip side when you went to a restaurant and the service was good, the food was appealing…did you say something to someone? You might have mentioned it to the hostess on the way out or the waiter as he was presenting your check. The bottom line…if you have something to say negative about your experience our nature is to go to a web site and let others know of our displeasure.

If you have something positive to say, often times we don’t take the time to bother with it.

I assume you have noticed that on all rating services of hotels there is a booking engine to take your order. Hence, the real reason for the ratings is to generate business. This rating service is simply their platform to generate significant revenue for the rating agency itself.

Let’s return to Trip Advisor. When we click on the #28 hotel in Orlando it takes us to The Disney Yacht Club where rates go from $232 a night in low season to $562 in high season. Now think about this you are paying on average $350 a night to stay in a Disney Resort. I find it interesting that this resort ranks only 28th. Further, as you dig into the ratings, we find 11.6% of those staying there said they had a poor experience. WOW all this for $350 a night!

Well back to my original thought. There were four agencies all offering competing nightly rates for you through Trip Advisor. Those were: hotels.com, Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. Each of these are providers of hotel rooms. They are paid a commission for each room booked and with those rates on Trip Advisor, it is understood they are getting an affiliate share of the monies generated. Now, I am not picking on them, they have no way to get paid for the service they provide and quite frankly for the small amount of money they make on your reservation, I am not saying in the least that they are corrupting the data…just understand the reason for the service is to provide a platform to generate commissions through providers of hotel rooms.

Now let’s look at Hotels.com and Expedia. They like Trip Advisor are in the business of rating or ranking hotels in the Orlando market. You have to look for a hotel ranking for they supply these testimonials as a help to get you to book hotel rooms through them. However, I have found the testimonies to be quite useful in making the right decision as to where I might choose to stay. Again, be aware that they profit off of the reservations you and I make…

The star or diamond rating system is another often used way of rating accommodations. These were either provided by the hotel parent company in many cases or AAA. If it is a AAA rating, as a rule, they are more objective in providing the service.

Most recently they have really stepped up their ratings to be quite helpful to those looking to them to find out the grading of a particular hotel.

When you look to the hotel chain itself, often times you find that their ratings are not what you need. They are biased to their brand and those hotels flying their flag….hence, the rankings are going to be eschewed higher than what you might find at AAA or some other more objective service.

When you are looking for a review on particular Orlando hotels, there are many choices available. The easiest way to find them is to search the internet. Put in the city you are planning to visit, then the hotel you have found that looks intriguing, they will give you testimonials or a rating of the hotel so you can determine first hand whether your choice is indeed worthy of your money.

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